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Ball joint

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Specialize in ball joint replacement. For all makes and models.We are locally owned and operate in Hayes, Va.  What is a ball joint ? A ball joint is a an integrel part of your car's steering and suspension system. Its is a the joint that connects the front wheels of a vehicle to it's main axle and makes it possible for the wheel to be turned and maneuvered, because of its use for steering linkage setups and steering knuckle pivot supports, the Ball Joint is made to be a flexible joint that uses a ball and socket design. These are usually made of hardened steel, A bearing stud and a socket that is received in a steel housing. the pivot points between the suspensions and tire supports the vehichle weight.Vehichles with conventional types of  suspension systems usually have two ball joints. Most of the time these ball joints are lubed permanently and are permanently sealed , but when these joints wear out or are damaged. Replacement joints are also lubed , but these cannot be compared to the orignal joints. replacement joints still need to be regularly lubricated which can be done when changing the vehichles oil.

We offer you a FREE BALL JOINT INSPECTION and provide you with a no obligation estimate to repair your vehicle.