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Shocks and Struts

 S&B Mufflers And Brakes

Specializes in shocks and struts replacement. For all makes and models.We are locally owned and operate in Hayes, Va.
What are shocks and struts? What do they do? Why are they important? Not all vehicles have both shocks and struts. Some vehicles have just shocks and some have just struts. Shocks are part of the overall suspension while a strut is a complete suspension assembly.

Most people assume shock absorbers absorb road shocks when actually the springs in your car perform that task. The shock absorber's function is to reduce the bouncing effect of the spring. When your shocks are working properly your car holds the road whether you are braking, negotiating a curve, driving on a bumpy road or experiencing strong side winds.

Worn out shocks can accelerate the wear of your tires, ball joints, steering linkage and springs and can contribute to losing control of your car. Worn out shocks are dangerous, putting you, your passengers and other drivers at risk. Preventive checkups are the key to keeping your automobile running safely.

We only fix what needs fixing and we will provide you with a written estimate for your approval before any work is done. Whether you are traveling in Southeast Virginia or beyond, our expert service and repair will keep you safe.

We offer you a FREE SHOCK AND STRUT INSPECTION and provide you with a no obligation estimate to repair your vehicle. So for shocks and struts repairs...
Visit S&B because we are Your Complete Ride Control Solution....Guaranteed!

Warning signs that you need to schedule a shock and or strut inspection include:

  • Vehicle rolls or sways on turns
  • Front end dives when braking
  • Rear end squats when accelerating
  • Vehicle bounces or slides sideways on winding and rough roads
  • Vehicle "bottoms out" (with a thump) on bumps
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