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Tie-rod ends

S&B Mufflers And Brakes

Specialize in tie-rod end replacement. For all makes and models.We are locally owned and operate in Hayes, vA. What is a tie-rod end ? The tie rod transmits force from the steering center link or the rack gear to the steering knuckle. This will cause the wheel to turn. The outer tie rod end connects with an adjusting sleeve, which allows the length of the tie rod to be adjustable. This adjustment is used to set a vehicle’s alignment angle.
It is advisable that your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems are checked regularly, at least once a year along with a complete wheel alignment. A worn tie rod can cause wandering, erratic steering and also major tire wear.
If a tie rod is necessary then a wheel alignment will also be required because tie rod replacement will disturb the alignment setting.
As the ratio of its length to the radius of gyration of its cross section is normally quite large, it would likely buckle under the action of compressive forces.

We offer you a FREE TIE-ROD END INSPECTION and provide you with a no obligation estimate to repair your vehicle.