Transmission Power Flush

Transmission Service

  • Considered another type of routine transmission maintenance---a transmission service is not the same as a transmission flush. A transmission service only removes part of the transmission fluid rather than the entire amount that a transmission flush does. Although transmission services can be used as a temporary replacement for transmission flushes, they are not as effective.

Fluid Removal and Replacement

  • The process of a transmission flush is a complete exchange of the transmission fluid, which is what helps the transmission to operate effectively. A transmission flush consists of changing out the old fluid---that can be identified due to its color---and replacing it with new transmission fluid, which normally amounts to about five quarts. Transmission filters are also frequently changed as well, which allow the transmission to function properly and increase its longevity.

Wear and Tear

  • The main selling point for transmission flushes is to prevent less wear and tear on the transmission over time. Vehicles without transmission fluid---or fresh transmission fluid---will be very short-lived and ultimately need a new transmission.

Power Flush Advantages
    • Changing the fluid in the pan does nothing for the 5 or more quarts trapped in the torque converter. A power flush replaces all fluid everywhere in the transmission for greater longevity and increased performance.

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